Learn how you can gain exposure to the dynamic and rapidly growing farmland sector with this exclusive guide from Farmfolio.

Farmland Ownership Opportunities

The Process is Simple. The Rewards are Tangible.

The Farmfolio process is simple, rewarding, and ends in a tangible gain for you and your portfolio.


1. You Own

Begin your farm ownership journey by selecting one or more of our available farms. You own the land directly, and your ownership includes membership in a Farm Owners Association (FOA). You can deed this land in your name, a company’s name, or in an IRA, and you can always sell your title or transfer ownership to an heir or other beneficiary.


2. We Farm

We handle all of the work on the ground. As the administrator of the FOA, the Farmfolio team hires an experienced, respected, and thoroughly vetted professional farm management team who will manage your land.


3. You Earn

This is the fun part. Farmfolio offers built-in selling agreements that provide LOT owners with fixed, year-round contracts with our vertically integrated packhouse companies. We find the best price for your product on the global market, handle all shipping logistics, and then send the income to you.

Grow Your Portfolio

Farmfolio offers future farm owners the opportunity to purchase real land that produces consistent results, while helping implement and manage agriculture projects designed for long-term success across the developing world. Farmfolio is proof that agribusiness can deliver results while doing good.

Watch Your Farm Grow

How does it compare?

Farm Growth Comparison Grid

*Data according to NCREIF, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Bloomberg and internal calculations. All calculations assume reinvestment of dividends.

Grow Our Community

We’re lucky. We’re proud of the work we do because not only does it help our farmland owners (you), but also because it employs local workers in the communities where Farmfolio does business.

We have built a unique team of agribusiness professionals who exchange valuable information, skills, and resources. Learn more about the people who make Farmfolio work. Together, we are shaping the future of agribusiness.

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