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Why Farmland?

Discover how our opportunities can contribute to a more resistant, more rewarding portfolio.


Historically, farmland has proven largely uncorrelated to publicly traded markets, making it an ideal method of reducing exposure to economic volatility.  

Passive Income

With the right crop and the right management, farmland generates consistent cash yields that can help you build a passive income stream and achieve financial freedom.


As trees grow and increase their productivity, they also rise in value. This makes tree crop farmland ideal for those looking to add long-term growth to their portfolios.


When inflation hits, agriculture is generally less affected than other industries. This is because the increase in food prices can offset higher operating costs.

Legacy Ownership

Farmland is the perfect asset for those looking to build a legacy of wealth. A store of value and also a source of income, farmland can easily be passed to descendents.


Sustainable farmland can reduce risk in the long term through the responsible use of natural resources like fresh water, which is becoming increasingly scarce globally.

Creating long-term wealth through agriculture.

Farmfolio’s has brought together a far-reaching network of like-minded individuals who share our vision of farmland success.

Asset class
Sales Revenue
Tahiti Lime
Current: 489 Acres
Target: 3,700 Acres
5,200 Tons
USD $18,856,000
Current: 568 Acres
Target: 3,700 Acres
802 Tons
USD $186,000
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Where global meets local.

Farmfolio's boots-on-the-ground presence allows for the seamless integration of new opportunities into international agribusiness supply chains. Our local, data-driven land sourcing capabilities grant us a distinct advantage that has proven instrumental in discovering unique, previously unavailable farmland real estate.

Our presence
our impact

Working towards a greener future.

In agriculture, sustainability is at the core of any successful long-term strategy. Farmfolio’s sustainability strategy targets low-impact crop types with a focus on high carbon sequestration, low soil depletion, and minimal irrigation and agrochemical requirements in order to reduce our effect on the environment as much as possible. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable agriculture practices.

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