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Our presence connects products and consumers to form a dynamic network of international stakeholders.

Our presence

Global And Local

Over the past eight years, Farmfolio has built an international presence across markets and growing regions that adds value for our farm owners, clients, and other allies across the supply chain. By bringing products from Latin America to markets in North America and Europe, Farmfolio is connecting formerly unexplored origins with new consumers. This presence preserves value for our farm owners and other stakeholders and also connects clients directly to farms, creating mutual benefit for our entire agribusiness ecosystem.

Our Presence

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Our Fruit Sales

By connecting local agribusiness with international supply chains, Farmfolio is able to adapt its practices to the needs of the global market, both in terms of its farm ownership opportunities and its fruit sales activities. This creates the opportunity to access land that is already connected to pre-developed sales channels, thereby maximizing value for our farmowner community.

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Our Sourcing

In addition to the farms within our LOTs program, we also procure, pack, and export fruit from third-party growers in Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. We maintain close relationships with all of our third-party growers through our Grower Alliance Program, which provides agronomical support, logistical coordination, and access to markets for growers across these regions.

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