How it works

Providing Niche Access

Farmfolio's integrated system for fractionalized and whole-farm ownership
is providing access to previously unavailable farmland assets.

our integrated farmland system

Owning Farmland

Farmland ownership with Farmfolio is an integrated and hands-off system that creates value for farmowners and provides solutions for all necessary farm tasks. Learn more about the different aspects of our turn-key system.

How it works

Our Selection Process

Over the past decade, Farmfolio has developed an intensive and multidisciplinary due diligence process that has surveyed thousands of acres across Colombia and beyond, selecting only the few opportunities that meet our rigorous criteria. Learn how we select only the best of the best for our farmowners.

1. PRODUCT CATEGORY VIABILITY ANALYSISBefore acquiring a farm, it's key to know if the targeted crop will perform well in the long term. That's why we've spent years participating in markets, assessing demand profiles, and building relationships across the supply chain. This effort has allowed us to select products that present clear market opportunities and creates immense value for farmowners.

2. FARM REGION LOCATION ASSESSMENTLocation is vital in our farmland analysis. We target areas with high growth potential, especially near developing municipalities where zoning changes can drive value increases. Strategic proximity to ongoing infrastructure projects such as Colombia's many highways, bridges, tunnels, and ports will also help maximize long-term appreciation.

3. SOIL HEALTH & CLIMATE STUDIESEqually important is the production potential of the land itself. Farmfolio and its service providers assess a wide range of factors, including soil nutrient concentration, pH level, drainage, precipitation, temperature, luminosity, and many other factors. This data-driven and multidisciplinary approach helps our team identify winning opportunities at an agronomical level.

4. INFRASTRUCTURE & COMPARABLESOften overlooked but crucial, internal infrastructure affects farm quality. We analyze inner roads, storage areas, employee housing, footpaths, and more. Efficient farm operations rely on well-developed infrastructure for tasks like harvesting, pruning, fertilizing, and dispatch. We also look the historical performance of similar farmland assets in the region to forecast appreciation.



LOTs are a turn-key system for the direct ownership of secure, titled farmland assets. This system functions through a tenants-in-common structure that assigns each farmowner a geographically demarcated portion of a larger farmland property. LOTs also mitigate risk by collectivizing management and commercialization activities, creating a hand-off, high-value ownership system.

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Bespoke Ownership


For those with larger appetites who would like to own and directly control an entire farmland property, Farmfolio offers solution to identify, acquire, and manage whole-farm opportunities on behalf of groups and institutions. This is an ideal way to deploy capital at scale to undiscovered and undervalued farmland assets within a secure management system, as well as to access wholesale discounts by acquiring at scale.

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